Include Coding In Your Kid’s Schedule

Technical ability such as coding has become an essential skill in future work with the rapid development of technology such as artificial intelligence and robotic machine. In view of this, many STEAM education centres are now offering a wide range of coding courses to give students of all ages an early introduction to this skill. Besides being practical, code learning can also positively impact students' development.


Create fun and boost satisfaction

The coding course for children usually starts with creating interactive games and stories to arouse their interests and then progresses to using codes to develop more advanced games and apps. Children find it amusing and enjoy themselves while they are learning. Moreover, after putting effort and repeated attempts to create something new, they will gain much satisfaction when seeing their well-completed project; thus self-confidence is boosted.


Develop logical thinking

Regarding logical thinking, code writing is an ideal practice for developing this soft skill. In the process of code writing, a big task needs to be broken into small parts and arranged in sequence, while each part is interrelated. The commands being written through coding usually have a cause-and-effect relationship, so it is crucial to keep a clear logic and work systematically with meticulous planning and thorough analysis.


Enhance problem-solving skills

From beginners to professional programmers, coding can be a challenging task. Debugging and retesting are the main parts of work after completing a coding task, all of which train children to quickly identify the problems and try in various ways until they are fixed. The upshot? Children become accustomed to flexing their brains to analyse and find solutions persistently. It helps enhance their problem-solving skills, which are greatly beneficial in their daily lives and easily transferable to many other areas of learning and work.


Unleash creativity

The virtual world is infinite, and how far it can go depends on the child's imagination and creativity. Each piece of software can be unique and has specific functionalities. Therefore, children should be encouraged to think creatively and let their imaginations run when they code to construct a virtual digital environment. Bonafide teachers will guide them to express their ideas through coding, testing, and validating to create new frontiers in the world of computers. Creativity knows no bounds. With proper training in code writing, who knows, one day, our children may grow up to be the next generation of innovative leaders in the digital world.


Cultivate perseverance

Whilst perseverance is not something that can be taught; this important soft skill needs to be acquired experientially. One of the great benefits of learning to code is that children learn to build perseverance by constantly overcoming difficulties. They must carefully examine the codes and devise a solution whenever there is any bug. If the solution does not work, they have to keep trying, which requires lots of patience and perseverance.


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