Kids' Online Courses at 10% off!

Kids' Online Courses at 10% off!

It's already halfway through summer! Kids still getting bored at home watching TV and playing video games all day? Time to get them prepared for the new academic year! Although the new school year may not be the same as usual, kids still need to be ready for school physically and mentally.

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(valid until Aug 31, 2020)

Top Picks Online Course

Online Coding Camps | First Code Acadmy
Age: > 7 years old
Learn programming at home with live video classes. We offer beginner to advanced programming camps from Scratch, AppInventor, Javascript and Python.

Chinese Online Group Class | Blooming Talents
Age: K3 - P5
As long as you have a printer, an electronic screen product that can access the Internet, and a headset with a phone function, you can sit at home and learn Chinese.

Beginning Readers | Quantumbilities Education Centre
Age: 5-7 years old
An essential step to help beginning readers develop confidence and fluency to read and write. Students will read short passages, spell words and write sentences, and develop fluency and confidence as a reader and writer.

English X | Gift Icon
Age: 5-11 years old
English X is complied and integrated by well-experienced teachers in accordance with HKEDB's curriculum guide. With the 4 aspects in English X (comprehension, speaking, writing and listening), tailor-made curriculums and small class teaching, building students' logical, creative and critical thinking.

Yoga Online Class | Prajna Yoga
Age: > 4 years old

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