Picking Fun Christmas Camps for Kids

As the clock is ticking down to Christmas, our kids will have an extended holiday, which means they will be home for two to three weeks if the family is not going on a trip. Scheduling activities for every kid during their holiday can be a real challenge for busy working parents. To keep the kids active and entertained, it is wise to pick some quality and fun Christmas courses that make a meaningful and enjoyable winter holiday with loving memories.

Being a parent with two kids, I have been doing this for many years, but I still sometimes need help choosing suitable courses to entertain my kids while fulfilling the learning purpose. So I couldn't be more excited to have come across Whizpa eShop, a one-stop shop where I can find all kinds of sought-after extracurricular activities. Instead of spending lots of time searching individual centres separately, I can research and buy in one go for all the courses such as coding, robot building, 3D printing, fencing, chess, art & crafts, writing, Mandarin, and cryptocurrency introduction.

Since my son is passionate about coding and playing chess, I placed an order on Whizpa eShop for two camps offered by different centres, and the best thing is that I can use the promo code winter10 to get 10% off! Mission completed! Now I really can't wait to see him progress to the next advanced level of coding learning and demonstrate his skills in the brain-flexing chess game this Christmas holiday! So why don't you also explore some Christmas courses on Whizpa eShop? See some of my favourite ones below.

1. Code to build a Minecraft Christmas Village!
Students will brainstorm and create a unique Christmas village in Minecraft World! In addition, they will acquire basic coding concepts and be able to use block-based codes to build houses and different architecture. BUY NOW!

2. Robocode 3-Day Camp
From programming touch sensors, building a pedestrian traffic light, making a multi-functional car that can be transformed into a robotic arm, and finally creating a delivery robot, the fun and possibilities are endless! These three days are well-spent with fun, challenges, and knowledge. BUY NOW!

3. First Step to the Metaverse! Roblox Game Design
Have a taste of designing in the Roblox Studio! In this short programme, students can design the first Obby Game with the Christmas theme and publish it on the Roblox platform. Students will learn about Lua (a coding language) and create 3D objects. BUY NOW!

4. 3D Printing
3D printing technology has been developing rapidly. Let your kids participate in creating objects with this forward-thinking technology and have their little curious minds inspired. BUY NOW!

5. G-Clay Modelling
Clay modelling application and hand-building knowledge with soft and bright coloured clays, learners can acquire practical skills to make exquisite clay works with the training of eyes and muscles coordination. BUY NOW!

6. The Chess Academy 3-Day Camp
Led by Grand Masters and a team of Expert FIDE coaches, children will learn from the BEST at The Chess Academy. In this 3-day camp, children will enjoy good chess games and develop their character through chess playing. This chess centre also conducts elite training for the keenest of players. Children will improve their spatial reasoning, strategic thinking, memory, and more by playing chess.