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Putonghua Kindergarten 1 Class (2-7 years old, Wong Chuk Hang)

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Ages: 2-7 years old

Location: Unit 106-107, 1/F One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong


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Putonghua Kindergarten Classes (2-7 years old)

Level 1 (>2 years old)

The Level 1 class guides children successfully between playgroup and pre-school. Independence is encouraged and children will begin to attend this class without parents or caretakers being present. Children will learn about Chinese culture with an introduction to Chinese poetry and nursery rhymes. Everyday vocabulary and daily conversation phrases will be introduced alongside fun activities such as creative arts and interactive play.


Level 2 (>3 years old)

By this age, children should develop a quest for knowledge and are ready for more mental and linguistic stimuli. In the Level 2 class, we aim to strengthen and build up every child’s vocabulary pool as they are taught to recognize the most commonly used Chinese characters through flashcards and reinforcement games. Basic pencil exercises and coloring are also introduced as we prepare children for formal character writing. Imaginative and social development will also be encouraged alongside literacy development. Continued teaching approach inspired by Montessori, Glenn Doman and Reggio Emilia will be used to enhance children’s imagination, right brain development and student-led learning.


Level 3 (>4 years old)

Children at this age are more confident in the Putonghua environment and should have established a basic reservoir of vocabulary and general knowledge. In the Level 3 class, children learn to write vocabulary and simple sentences. Continued character recognition and sentence structure exercises are practised. More advanced speech practices led by children’s interests, together with interactive story reading and telling on both sides is an integral focus of the curriculum. Chinese Tang Poems are taught, with performances encouraged by the teachers. All children are exposed to PTH Art, Wushu and Chinese Dance throughout the year.


Level 4 (>5 years old)

In this course, the teachers begin preparing the children for primary school learning. Children are taught to read short text passages, and encouraged to write simple compositions.  Basic grammar is introduced while vocabulary based themes are continued.  Passage read aloud to let children familiarize themselves with Chinese phonetics and sentence structure is highly encouraged at this stage.  With best practices in mind, the children will learn not only Chinese, but also how to explore and inquire and satisfy their curiosity as life long students.