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STEAM Education Seminar 2019 (Free of Charge)

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Date: Friday, 31 May 2019

Time: 19:15-21:30

Location: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum

Target: Parents of children aged 3-8 years



STEAM is easy to be understood

Become a STEAM expert with talent

- Parents are the best teachers


Part 1: Monica Leung

- At what age should we start learning STEM?

- What is the purpose of learning STEAM? For knowledge, skills, or attitude? And what are children learning in STEAM?

- What is unplugged STEAM?

- Share hands-on experience as a mother: How can STEAM education start from home? How to inspire children's interest in STEAM from daily life?

- What are the differences between boys and girls in learning STEAM? What do parents need to pay attention to?

- What do parents need to learn? What changes need to be made in thinking? How to help children?

Part 2: Tony Chim

STEAM education development in Hong Kong Schools and its advantages and inadequacies

- How do parents learn from each other?

- What are the qualities/skills required for talents in the 21st century/future?

- What is Computational Thinking?

- How to develop computer thinking and logical thinking skills in daily life.

- Does STEAM education help future careers?

- Trends of future companies (Any market for STEAM talents)?

- What is innovation? How to cultivate innovation?

- Share hands-on experience as a father


Terms & Conditions:

1. Each person is only allowed to register once, repeated registration will not be accepted.

2. Each attendee must complete a two-hour lecture and receive a gift package at the end of the seminar. Replenishment will not be provided for those who are absent or leave early.

3. When submitting the registration, it is assumed that the registrant wishes to continue to receive messages about free trial products, events and seminars from Bliss & Bless International Limited.

4. If registrant is not available to attend as scheduled, please contact the customer service hotline 2388 0099 for cancellation at least one day before the seminar. Otherwise, Bliss & Bless International Limited has the right to cancel the qualification to participate any event in the future.

5. In case of inclement weather, please see the announcement of the latest arrangements for the event in Alex Brands's Facebook page.

6. Bliss & Bless International Limited may use the photos or videos taken on the day of the event for future promotion purposes.

7. Bliss & Bless International Limited will have copyright to use the sharing content of participants.

8. All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of Bliss & Bless International Limited.