Babel Film Workshop

Filmmaker’s Diary (Age 8 - 15, Online)

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This Chinese New Year, students aged 8-15 can join our filmmaking workshop from home to create a film about their holiday experiences!

Over 5 sessions, students will work with our film teachers and fellow students to write, storyboard, film, and edit their own personal short film.

The highly interactive workshop will be divided into two age groups (8-11 and 12-15), and personalized based on students’ past filmmaking experience, if any, so students can further develop individual skills.

Students will also be given filmmaking challenges in the spirit of Chinese New Year, adding a special flavor to their films to commemorate this year’s holidays.

Equipment needed: Computer or tablet with webcam; mobile filmmaking device (ie. smartphone, tablet)

More interactive and fun than other online courses!


Class Details

Platform: Google Meet and Google Classroom
Dates: Feb. 15-19 (5 sessions)
10:00am-12:00pm (Age 8-11)
2:00pm-4:00pm (Age 12-15)
Tuition: 2,888 HKD

*12 students max. per workshop