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Preface Coding Summer 2021 - Minecraft

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Age: 6-8, 9-11

Format: 3-Day Boot Camp

Duration: 2 hours / day

Levels: Beginner / Intermediate (Start with Beginner if your child has no prior coding experience)

Device required: Any laptop with Internet connectivity


Alert to all Minecraft builder maniacs! This is a course where you can learn the basics of automating your structural creation builds and spawns in the world of Minecraft. From self-building houses to self-activating Nether portals, we will be using block-based coding sequences to breakdown how these automations should go. In addition to using an agent and a builder, we will be using code to manipulate the game rules of Minecraft to create new, unique environments that you can play with friends!


Beginner Level

  • Dive into basic programming concepts specifically designed for Minecraft e.g. events, coordinates, loops, blocks
  • Agent Code Builder: Sequence and automate your own creation with “Agent”
  • Auto-farming: Auto-generate group and spawn farm animals with codes!

Intermediate Level

  • Understand how to code specialized Minecraft blocks such as redstones, farming blocks, nether blocks, etc.
  • Creeper Wall: Create a banner of a giant creeper in the sky
  • TNT Cannon: Wreak havoc with a TNT Cannon!


Enjoy great flexibility in boot camp location and time!

Schedule doesn’t work for you?  Form your own private bootcamp!


For more information, please contact:
Tel: 2371 4738
WhatsApp: 6417 6608