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普通話浸入式夏令營 1星期6日 ( 1-7歲, 黃竹坑/中環) ; Mandarin Summer Camp 6 days per week (1-7 years, Wong Chuk Hang/Central)

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$2300 6日



14:30 -16:00 /16:00 - 17:30

夏令營在73日至825日期間舉行。請與Mulberry House預約上課時間


1-2歲 (每節60分鐘)
2-3歲 (每節90分鐘)
3-5歲 (每節3小時)
5-7 歲 (每節3小時)




請提前使用優惠券與Mulberry House預約上課時間。

電話:5598 0509,




20% discount will be offered for enrolling in 4 weeks or more

$2300 for 6 days 


Monday to Saturday 

14:30 -16:00 /16:00 - 17:30

Summer camp start from 3 Jul to 25 Aug

Please contact Mulberry House for Summer Camp schedules.


1-2 yrs (60 mins per session)

2-3yrs (90 mins per session)

3-5 yrs (3 hours per session)

5-7 yrs (3 hours per session)


Studio 2403, Universal Trade Center, 17-19 Caine Road, Central, Hong Kong

Studio 801-802, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang

Valid 90 days after purchase.

Please book class time in advance using voucher with Mulberry House.

T: 5598 0509, E:

Present voucher upon arrival.

Summer Camp Detail:

Week 1: Little Gourmet 小小美食家 (Jul 3-7): Children will journey around the world and learn about different cuisine and cultures. Activities include making English pies, Chinese rice dumpling, Korean fried rice cakes, Sichuan hot pot, French croissants and many more.


Week 2: Little Animal world 動物世界 (Jul 9-14): Join our memorable adventure to the animal kingdom to learn about them, their habitat and food through exciting stories, pretend play games and an actual Zoo Tour. Activities include animal crafts, playdough fossils and many more.


Week 3: Little Chinese Scholar 書香門第 (Jul 16-21): We will explore the world of traditional Chinese handicrafts and paintings through poetry, stories and crafts. Activities include calligraphy, paper cutting, Chinese painting and outdoor sketching.


Week 4: Little World Traveler 環球旅行 (Jul 23-28): A trip around the world beckons as we learn about transportation.  Children will pretend play and learn about the Tuk tuk in Thailand, Maglev in Japan, Trams in Hong Kong, Rickshaw in China, Water and Land bus in Holland and many more. Activities include making a car, bus, train and many more.


Week 5: Little Scientist & Mathematician 最強大腦 (Jul 30-Aug 4): Children will discover the magic of science and maths as they learn about world currencies, science experiments and shop in our world super market. Activities include making paper currency, constructing bridges, houses, swings, etc.


Week 6: Little Diplomat 小小外交官 (Aug 6-11): Building their speaking confidence, children will learn how to make a phone call, make polite conversation visiting friends and relatives, learn how to interview in Mandarin as they improve their Mandarin fluency and communication skills.


Week 7: Little Happy Family 相親相愛 (Aug 13-18): Celebrating love, learning all about the family tree and how to express love, respect and appreciation to younger and elder family members. Activities include making the family tree, thank you card, enjoying a family picnic and many more.


Week 8: Little Nature Lover 人與自然 ​(Aug 20-25): Our last week is all about nature. Learning about the seasons - snow in winter, beach in summer, flowering plants and migratory birds in autumn and spring and learning what it means to be environmentally friendly. Activities include flower stamping, making snowflakes, a visit to the botanical gardens and many more.