親子油畫夏令營 4 日( 3-12 歲, 將軍澳) Acrylic Painting Summer Camp 4 Days ( 3-12 years, Tseung Kwan O)

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$756 4日 一連4星期


星期四 2:30pm / 星期六 4:30pm

請與 Artify預約上課時間

人數: 8人一節

年齡:3-12 歲, 每日90分鐘



請提前使用優惠券與 Artify預約上課時間。





"Artify”不僅僅是一個藝術工作室。 正如工作室的名字所說,我們試圖通過視覺藝術的實踐,將藝術帶入社區的日常生活。 通過我們的課堂學習不同的藝術媒介,探索,培養和發展學生的創意。 我們歡迎您加入我們,一起創造更多美麗的藝術。


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Package $756 for 4 days (to be used within 4 weeks)

Classes: Summer Camp will be available during the period from Jun to  Aug

Thursday 2:30pm or Saturday 4:30pm

Please contact Artify for Summer Camp schedules.

Capacity: 8 people per session

Ages: 3-12 years ,90 mins/ day

Locations: Shop No. 49-51, G/F, Ming Tak Shopping Centre, 10 Pui Shing Lane, Tseung Kwan O

Valid 90 days after purchase.

Please book class time in advance using voucher with Artify.

T: 60771760, E:

Present voucher upon arrival.

For any cancellation/rescheduling, 7 days prior notice is required.


What is Artify

"Artify" is more than just an art studio. As the name itself suggests, we seek to be more a movement that brings art into the community daily life through the practice of visual arts. By learning different art mediums, we Explore, Cultivate and Grow the creativity that is within us. We welcome you to join us making more beautiful arts, let's artify!