A Journey of Your Own (Ages 8-11)

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Subject: English, Creative Writing, Character Development

Date: July 24-28

Time: 13:00-14:30

Price: HKD$2850 ($380/hour) 

Location: 26/F, Tower 1, Enterprise Square 5, 38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay

This narrative-driven program aids students in developing a deeper understanding of different story structures to create compelling short stories. Students will develop unique settings and characters and take them on epic adventures. Will your characters succeed in their mission, fall in love, or have a horrible curse cast upon them? Only you can tell in this journey of your own!

這個課程以故事為主導,讓學生更深入地了解不同故事架構,創作出引人入勝的短篇故事。你可以想像出獨一無二的場景和角色,展開一場驚險又刺激的冒險! 你的角色會成功完成任務,還是深陷情網?又或者受到詛咒?只有你才能講出你自己旅程中的故事!

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