A World of Your Own (Ages 8-11)

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Date: Jul 17-21 (13:00-14:30) (Ages 8-11) - Central
Sale priceHK$2,850.00


Subject:  English creative writing, World building, Narrative structure building


1. Jul 17-21 (13:00-14:30) (Ages 8-11)
Location: Press Start Academy - Central

2. Aug 14-18 (15:30-17:00) (Ages 8-11)
Location: Press Start Academy - Central

3. Jul 17-21 (13:00-14:30) (Ages 8-11)
Location: Kowloon Bay

4. Aug 14-18 (15:30-17:00) (Ages 8-11)
Location: Kowloon Bay

5. Jul 10-14 (13:00-14:30) (Ages 10-11)
Location: Quarry Bay

Price: HKD$2850 ($380/hour)

Lore, backstory, landscapes, culture, history, tradition, language… These are all integral elements to building your very own fictional universe. This narrative-driven program enhances understanding and application of world-building techniques to create a compelling, believable world. Will you be drawing inspiration from your favourite sci-fi or fantasy series, or opting for alternate history? Will your stories be set in an Earth-like environment, or in an imaginary setting with its own physics and logic? Using card decks and game systems, you will create all the elements needed for a World of Your Own!

傳說、背景故事、風景、文化、歷史、傳統、語言......這些都是建立你自己的虛擬宇宙不可缺少的元素。 本課程以敘事為導向,加強對宇宙建設方法的理解和應用,以創造一個引人注目的、沉浸的世界。你會從你最喜歡的科幻或奇幻系列中獲取靈感,還是選擇架空歷史?你的故事是在一個類似地球的環境中,還是在一個有自己的物理學和邏輯的虛構環境中? 通過運用卡牌和遊戲機制,你將創造出一個屬於你自己的世界!

Central: Press Start Academy - Suite 506, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Quarry Bay: DSC International School - 5–7 Tai Fung Ave, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong
Kowloon Bay: 26/F, Tower 1, Enterprise Square 5, 38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay


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