ActiveKids Summer Camps 2021: Science Adventures 3-Day Camps – For Ages 5 - 12

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Science Adventures 3-Day Camps 

Ages 5 - 12

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Camp fee: $2,800 per camp


Green Science - Children learn about where our trash goes, how it decomposes and how the choices they make can affect Earth. Then they explore different sources of energy and learn about solar and wind power and how to use less fossil fuel. They will build their own “Green” power devices and plan their own Energy-smart House.


Gizmos Gadgets and Goops - Students will dive into the world of physics and discover that when energy changes from one form to another it makes things happen; it creates forces. From heat to electricity to motion. Children will look at energy changes and how various inventors started with simple science to create some amazing products.


Science Detectives - The children are going to take a very exciting journey together as they complete with all the necessary tools for them to be a successful Science Detectives. Not only have all of the tools needed to be good detectives, but also know all of the science that makes these tools work. For a properly trained Science Detective, there is no mystery too complicated to solve.


Lunar Rover Workshop - It’s time to get loony about the moon. Build your own motorized K’Nex Lunar Rover and make craters with marble meteorites! Discover the phases of the moon by constructing a mystery moon phase box. Compete in Moon Race and Astronaut Training and you will be ready to go far in exploring the galaxies beyond!