Amazing Race (Hong Kong, Kowloon)

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Theme: Lost in Central
Sale priceHK$6,600.00


Receiving the same clue at the same time, teams race against each other ​to be the first to solve the clue! This adrenaline-pumping experience keeps teams on their toes and takes friendly competition to a whole new level!  

$6600 for 20 kids. Each additional participant would be $330/pax.

Standard duration: 2 hours

Activity level: mid-high

Themes: (Please choose one)

Lost in Central

A sailor fell in the Fragrant Harbour of 1900 and landed in HK in 2018! He needs your help to find his way back to the time travel portal to go back to his time!

Sheung Wan Holmes

With an antique and a police missing, Holmes needs your help! Investigate suspicious trails and items to unearth the truth behind this mystery!

Repulse Bay – LOST

Stranded on an island with an imminent life-threatening storm heading your way, can you make it to the rescue chopper before the storm hits?

TST Star Tour

Visiting with your Star Fleet crew, TST was your first landing spot to understand what on Earth is happening, literally! From landmarks to lessen known alleys, get ready to explore!

Hidden Art in CWB

CWB is known for its shopping, crowds and trendy eateries.  Join our game and let us show you the artistic side of CWB that most are too busy to notice!

Party booking must be made 30 days in advance with Hall of Games and is on a first come first serve basis.


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