Build Code (ages 5-10)

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Session: Build Code (10 hours Summer Workshop)
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In this program, students will utilise an innovative LEGO-compatible system to build a broad collection of projects, which further develops students’ engineering knowledge and also introduces them foundational coding concepts through a intuitive coding interface that is suitable for their age.

Students will apply a variation of wireless sensors and motors to their projects. These sensors vary from detecting sound, distance, colour and even face recognitions. By coding these sensors and motors to complete tasks and solve challenges, it will effectively train students’ sequential thinking skills which will benefit them with further learning in coding in the future.

Skills Learned

  • Apply engineering concepts to the a wide range of projects, and understand the science behind real life machines.
  • Utilise a variation of sensors (i.e. distance-, sound-, colour sensors), to develop their creations into a more advanced projects.
  • Build up a foundation of coding knowledge through an age-appropriate and easy-to-understand style of graphical coding interface.
  • Take their first steps into the world of AI by applying face-recognitions system to their machines.
  • Recognise the functions and capabilities between different sensors, and understanding which to apply depending on the situations and circumstances.
  • Develop analytical skills and problem solving by identifying the suitable sensors and coding in order to solve given tasks.
  • Learn to create DIY projects with their combined knowledge learned and practice presentation skills by showcasing them on videos.

Prices: $4000 / 10 hours to be scheduled flexibly with Summer STEM Workshop time slots

Age: 6-7

Time:   60 minutes per class (Please book class time in advance with The Genius Workshop)

Location: Unit B, 1/F, Southern Pearl Court,151 Wong Nai Chung Road,Happy Valley / Unit 1001, Podium, Hang Sing Mansion,3 Tai Wing Avenue,Quarry Bay


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About The Genius Workshop 

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