Code-a-thon - 4/5 Day Camp (Ages 7 -14)

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Location: Happy Valley
Date: Week 4: Jul 10 - 14 (1:30pm - 4:00pm)
Sale priceHK$4,380.00


Engage in a week filled with a wide range of coding experience, where students will understand how ChatGPT and Machine Learning work. Off-screen coding activities like drones coding will also be covered in this inspiring program!

Program Highlights

  • Program flight paths to control DJI Tello Talent, a drone developed for educational use and flying safely indoors

  • Learn about the A.I. technology that powers ChatGPT and learn how to effectively prompt this new tech to assist your work

  • Build and code a carnival game, the Can Shooter, with EV3 Mindstorm robotics

  • Combine the technology of AI image generation with Stable Diffusion and Scratch coding to create a comic strip

  • Create chat-bots to test against fellow classmates’ questions upon given topics

Format: 5 days per week, 2hr 30mins  per class

Language: English

5-Day Week: HK$4,380 

4-Day Week: HK$3,580

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