Whizpa eBook#17: How to Instil Empathy and Compassion in our Children

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Download Whizpa's FREE guide on expert tips on How to Instil Empathy and Compassion in our Children.

- Why is it so important to be a kind person? Are there any methods to ensure our kids grow up with a kind heart? 

- Other than telling our children to be considerate, how can we bring out their kindness? 

- Find out how to instil empathy and compassion in our children from the experts' point of view.

Top tips from:

  • Bring Me A Book Hong Kong
  • Feeding Hong Kong
  • Kids4Kids
  • Mighty Oaks 奧恩
  • Playright Children’s Play Association
  • The Zubin Foundation 小彬紀念基金會

*This ebook is only available in English.

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