Creative Writing - In the Deep (Ages 6-8)

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Date: Oct 2-6
Sale priceHK$2,700.00


Subject: Creative Writing, English

Date: Oct 2-6, Oct 9-13, Oct 16-20, Oct 23-27

Time: 09:30-10:30

Price: HKD$2700

Location: Suite 506, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


"Dive into ""In the Deep"" - an educational experience designed to foster language development, critical thinking skills, and environmental consciousness in young learners. Prepare for an academic adventure that melds storytelling, creativity, and collaborative learning. Students learn how to sustain the environment while interacting with magical ocean creatures.

Restore balance to the ocean by applying problem-solving skills through solving riddles, battling dragons, and cleaning up the ocean! Live the story as you write your own path through this deep-sea journey! Happy swimming adventurers!"

《潛入深海》 是一個旨在培養年輕學習者的英語言能力、批判性思維能力和環境意識的體驗。學生們將會通過這個融合了故事探索、創意和協作能力的學習體驗,與神奇海洋生物進行互動和進行海洋環境保育。通過運用解決問題的技能來解開謎語、與巨龍戰鬥和清理海洋去恢復海洋的平衡!在這段深海旅程中書寫自己的道路,體驗故事的魅力!來一起游泳吧,冒險家們!


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