Creativity and Technique Program 4 or 8 Classes (>9 years, North Point)

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Number of class: 4
Sale priceHK$1,250.00


This is a very good programme for those who are passionate about art and would like to further explore and develop their artistic goals. This comprehensive programme aims to help students to discover their hidden talents and to strengthen their creative and technical skills. Students will also be introduced to different artistic styles, as well as the principles of composition, language and colour to accommodate their unique art pieces. 

The programme includes exercises exploring the techniques used for:

  • Pencils
  • Watercolours
  • Acrylics
  • Pastels

Packages $1,250 for 4 classes; $2,250 for 8 classes. (to be used consecutively)


Wednesday 17:30-19:00

Friday 15:30-17:00

Saturday 17:30-19:00

Ages: >9 years

Location: Shop 89, 1/F Maxi Mall, City Garden, 233 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Valid 90 days after purchase

Only for new patrons of 2 Loops Arts

Please book class time in advance with 2 Loops Arts 

Present voucher upon arrival.

For any cancellation/rescheduling, 7 days prior notice is required


 If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Whatsapp: 61006765 / Email:

About 2 Loops Arts

The symbol of 2 Loops Arts is formed by two rings to make up the infinity sign (∞), originating from the Latin word ‘infinitas’, carrying a meaning of ‘unboundedness’ and ‘limitless’. 

We believe that art is derived from everyday surroundings and it is not limited by any rules or set formulas, hence the concepts or materials used in the process of art making have endless possibilities. It is proven that art making is beneficial for the development of children’s minds and their personal growth, and also boosts their self-esteem. 


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