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Cuckoo 油畫夏令營4 堂 (7歲或以上, 西灣河) Cuckoo Oil painting Summer Camp 4 Classes (7+ years, Sai Wan Ho)

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$696 4 一連4星期 


星期三 17:45- 19:15

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電話:3580 1138,



Cuckoo Arts

Cuckoo Arts 把多元智能及通識教育理念溶入藝術課程當中。透過創作,我們致力:

  • 打開兒童的內心世界
  • 訓練兒童的創意思維,精練技巧,合作精神和克服難題的能力
  • 誘發兒童的好奇心,讓他們自由和放膽地表達所想所思
  • 加強審美力的判斷和提升個人情躁
  • 培養兒童對社會及世界的敏銳觸覺,批判和反思


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Package $696 for 4 days 

Classes: Summer Camp will be available in August 


1/8 – 22/8 Wednesday 17:45 - 19:15

Please contact Cuckoo Arts for Summer Camp schedules.

Ages: 7+ years

Locations: Shop GD35, G/F., Site D, 25 Tai On Street, Lei King Wan, Hong Kong.

Valid 90 days after purchase.

Please book class time in advance using voucher with Cuckoo Arts.

T: 3580 1138, E:

Present voucher upon arrival.

For any cancellation/rescheduling, 7 days prior notice is required.

Cuckoo Arts mingles some elements of both multiple intelligence and general education into the art courses. Our goals are:

  • explore and open up the children's hearts and mind, enhance their curiosity to discover and allow them to freely express themselves
  • arouse the children's creative and imaginative mind, develop their art skills, problem-solving skills and build up their cooperative mind
  • strengthen and sharpen the children's aesthetic ability and visual literacy
  • widen the children's perspective and horizon to the world and learn to make critical judgement