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Genius Workshop Themed Holiday - Digital Story Maker - Junior Ages 4.5 - 7

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Our holiday themed camps are renewed every school holidays to cover the latest hot topics and knowledge. Indeed, our curriculum trains our students in developing a wide range of skillsets which will benefit them in the future. 

The following attributes will be displayed in each camp page where the corresponding attributes are to be trained during the special program:

Digital Story Maker

Create a digital story in your favorite topic.  Two exciting topics this summer: [Jurassic Land] or [Ocean Adventure]!

Program Highlights

  • Brainstorm your unique story as a group and build the scenes out with LEGO®
  • Design your own characters and write dialogues for the story
  • Coordinate your innovative LEGO® inventions with your own voice-recording into a digital storybook
  • Don’t forget to share the completed work with friends and family!
      Please refer to the timetable for the detailed date and time. 


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