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Genius Workshop Themed Holiday - Formula Electric - Ages 7 - 14

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Our holiday themed camps are renewed every school holidays to cover the latest hot topics and knowledge. Indeed, our curriculum trains our students in developing a wide range of skillsets which will benefit them in the future. 

The following attributes will be displayed in each camp page where the corresponding attributes are to be trained during the special program:

Formula Electric

Electric cars are taking over in the very near future as a lot of governments around the world have already announced banning conventional petrol-cars within the coming decade. In this camp, children will not only construct a self-sustaining electric locomotive system, but will also implement sensors to make it smart, safe, and eco-friendly compared to petrol-powered vehicles.

Program Highlights

  • Design and construct a fully functional Electric Vehicle
  • Understand the main differences between electric and petrol vehicles
  • Learn about various core components and concepts like: Steering system, chassis, aerodynamics, weight distribution, etc.. then apply these concepts on your own Formula E car
  • Simulate autonomous driving with the use of ultrasonic and infrared sensors
  • Form your own Formula E team and put your knowledge into use in the final race
            Please refer to the timetable for the detailed date and time. 


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