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Genius Workshop Themed Holiday - Jr. Entrepreneur - Resort Designer - Ages 4.5 - 7

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Our holiday themed camps are renewed every school holidays to cover the latest hot topics and knowledge. Indeed, our curriculum trains our students in developing a wide range of skillsets which will benefit them in the future. 

The following attributes will be displayed in each camp page where the corresponding attributes are to be trained during the special program:

Jr. Entrepreneur - Resort Designer

Have you ever been to a resort that you wish you could improve? How about one with a themed park inside of it and unlimited ice-cream buffet?  You will try being the boss of your dream resort and let your creativity go wild!

Program Highlights

  • Design and construct every detail of your resort with LEGO®
  • Build a miniature LEGO® model of your resort
  • Learn basic business planning, such as facilities, employees, departments, logo, marketing…etc
  • Compile your ideas into a business proposal and take it home
        Please refer to the timetable for the detailed date and time. 


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