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Genius Workshop Themed Holiday - Minecraft Metropolis: The Olympics - Ages 7 - 14

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Our holiday themed camps are renewed every school holidays to cover the latest hot topics and knowledge. Indeed, our curriculum trains our students in developing a wide range of skillsets which will benefit them in the future. 

The following attributes will be displayed in each camp page where the corresponding attributes are to be trained during the special program:

Minecraft Metropolis: The Olympics

This Summer, Olympics is happening in the TGW Minecraft World! 

Program Highlights

  • It's a HUGE project. Learn how coding can help building the city more efficiently
  • Practice event-planning and organization skills by building the Olympics games virtually from scratch in Minecraft
  • Students will be in charge of different departments, training team work while coordinating with each other to plan and build the Olympics village, infrastructures, and arenas
  • Apply problem solving skills in various simulated scenarios within the Minecraft world
  • Participate in real-life press conference presenting their creations
  • Offline activities to balance screen time throughout the camp
          Please refer to the timetable for the detailed date and time. 


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