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Genius Workshop Themed Holiday - Sphero STEM Park - Ages 7 - 14

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Our holiday themed camps are renewed every school holidays to cover the latest hot topics and knowledge. Indeed, our curriculum trains our students in developing a wide range of skillsets which will benefit them in the future. 

The following attributes will be displayed in each camp page where the corresponding attributes are to be trained during the special program:

Sphero STEM Park

We are collaborating with Sphero to bring a brand new coding experience to TGW! With an emphasis on learning through play, students will learn to control their Sphero BOLT to complete hands-on challenges that will test their coding skills and creativity!

Program Highlights

  • Learn to use Scratch block-based programming interface to code their Sphero BOLT robotic ball
  • Apply and develop stronger understanding of coding concepts like pseudocode, loops and variables
  • Explore and use the Sphero BOLT's built-in sensors through fun and entertaining STEM activities
  • Design and build a DIY obstacle course for Sphero BOLT to traverse
  • Engage in combat with a personalized LEGO© chariot built on a Sphero BOLT
              Please refer to the timetable for the detailed date and time. 


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