Harry Potter Science - 5 Day Camp (Ages 4.5 - 8)

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Location: Happy Valley
Date: Week 3: Jul 3 - 7 (9:00am - 10:30am)
Sale priceHK$2,780.00


Interested in wizardry and science? Engage in mesmerizing experiments and activities inspired by the incredible world of Harry Potter! There's no need to prepare your cape and wand, we've got everything ready for you!

Program Highlights

  • Make magical colour-changing potions with cabbage juice to learn about acid and base

  • Explore chocolate science and make the Chocolate Frog from Honeyduke Candy Shop 

  • Learn the physics in the exciting Golden Snitch catapult challenge

  • Explore magnetism with the wand with Wingardium Leviosa spell to make feather flies

  • Make your own cloud dough in your house color 

  • More Harry Potter themed games & crafts 

Format: 5 days per week, 1hr 30mins  per class

Language: English

Regular HK$2,780 

(+Material Fee: HK$400)

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