Hong Kong Institute of Rope Skipping

HK Institute of Rope Skipping - Summer programme 2021

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Jump Rope Class 


Period: 14 July - 31 August 2021


Elementary: 3 - 7 years old 

Kids: above 7 years old 


$1,260 - 7 classes


Hong Kong Institute of Rope Skipping are offering complete and structured Rope Skipping courses with the aim of incubating self-actualization, interest in healthy living as well as realizing one’s full athletic and competitive potential. Our courses offer basic skills training for individual events, long rope events as well as team events, whereby participants can fully experience the joys of rope skipping. The training for our participants will take a holistic, interactive and progressive model ensuring steady growth while maintaining an enjoyable experience.


  • Use game and training design to increase students' interest in fancy rope skipping
  • Training sports skills and physical fitness, including body flat punching, limb coordination, flexibility, agility and other abilities
  • Cultivate the attitude and habit of actively participating in sports

Class content includes: single rope double rope, interactive rope and big rope technique
Single rope fancy styles include: front and back ropes, foot fancy styles, cross fancy styles, cross-down fancy styles, multiple, etc.


Please contact to confirm the date of your classes. 


Tel/WhatsApp: 6652 0722

Email: info@hkirs.com.hk 

Website: hkirs.com.hk