HOLA! Venezuela Wayuu Hat 草帽編織

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Hola! 你可能知道這是西班牙文的「你好」,但除了西班牙,這也是委內瑞拉人打招呼的說話。位於南美洲北部的委內瑞拉,亦曾是西班牙的殖民地,


由於委內瑞拉是長期炎熱的地方,人們都喜歡戴帽來躲避太陽。對委內瑞拉人,時尚的打扮是不可或缺的!以Wayuu (音: why-yoo) 設計的帽子更是大受歡迎。Wayuu 是一個位於哥倫比亞和委內瑞拉邊境的部落,周邊的海洋和沙漠孕育了充滿色彩的民族風圖案。自古Wayuu女性親手編給男性的袋更有「與我同行」之意。以Wayuu 風格設計的袋一早大受明星和貴族愛戴,如英國碧翠絲公主、韓國明星宋智孝等。

趁暑假來臨前,快啲嚟整一頂Wayuu帽子,係沙灘上成為最stylish 嘅人!
名額 Quota :親子班10人; 成人班8人

Hola! Venezuela, located in northern South America, has been on the news for all the wrong reasons recently. However, our focus is not that. We are gonna have fun making Venezuelan Hats!

Since Venezuela is usually hot, people like to wear hats to hide from the sun. Hats designed with Wayuu (sound: why-yoo) are even more popular. The Wayuu are a tribe on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, where the sea and desert around them give birth to colorful ethnic patterns.

Since ancient times, the bags that Wayuu women hand-crafted for men have the meaning of "walking with me". Bags designed in the style of Wayuu have been loved by celebrities and nobles early in the morning, such as Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom and Song Ji-hyo of South Korea.

What are you waiting for - Join and get your very own Wayuu and be the most stylish person on the beach. Not to mention a good chance for kids to bond with parents


Date: Sat, July 30, 2022

Price: HKD 340 for adult; HKD 420 for parent-child (+$100 for parent-child hat, 2 total)

Time: Parent-child class 2:30- 4pm(1.5hr);  Adult class 5-6pm (1hr)
Age:Above 8 (parent-child activity)

Location: Gin Drinker's Bay Cricket Ground (CHK Cricket Centre) Kwai Hei Street Hong Kong, NT

 If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Whatsapp: 61006765 / Email: info@whizpa.com

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