IBDP Math Final Exam Super Mock Test and Review Session (16-18 years, Online)

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Price: $1,500 per session (full set of paper drilling & 1 hour review)

Dates: 1 March - 22 May 2020

Ages: 16-18 years (IBDP Students)

Class size: 1-to-1

Please book class time in advance with Causeway Education
T: 3906 9766, E: info@causewayeducation.com

For any cancellation/rescheduling, 7 days prior notice is required.

Provider's website: https://www.causewayeducation.com/en/about-causeway/

We’ve taken 10 years of IBDP Past Papers and combined them to form a SUPER TEST that will challenge your understanding of every topic and question type in IBDP Math. No matter what Math you take, or whether you’re SL/HL, we’ve got you covered. Schedule your Mock Test session and then receive a personal review session, with tips and strategies on how to improve your score before the Final Exam from our test prep specialists!

This is designed for Year 2 IBDP students, but all appropriate students are welcome to sign up for this opportunity to prepare.


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