Impactful Presentations - Public Speaking Workshops for Teens (Ages 10 - 12)

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Remarks: ($500 per kid per session)(minimum of 8-12 students needed to start the course)
Sale priceHK$500.00


Train your kids to be future-ready with our intermediate public speaking skills workshops. Students will learn about understanding audiences better and dealing with difficult audiences.

Topics include storytelling, making effective use of persuasion techniques, going beyond scripts and powerpoints through effective speech writing, delivery skills and impromptu speaking skills. With techniques from world champions and personally delivered by HK-Macau-Southern China Toastmasters Champion Miss Joy Pamnani, students get plenty of opportunities to speak up with many activities and games throughout the course, also promoting an exchange of feedback between trainers and participants.

Price: $500 per session

Each session: 75min

8 sessions, need to attend at least 6 sessions (including the final session) to get a certificate

*Please note we would need a minimum of 8-12 students to start the course. 

Open to students aged 10 to 12 years

  • Draft and deliver impactful presentations & speeches using storytelling, persuasion, vocal variety, body language and stages (physical / virtual)
  • Learn to identify speech objectives, develop audience awareness while writing speeches
  • Boost confidence and overcome stage fright
  • Receive group coaching, training and feedback from a regional public speaking Toastmasters champion
  • Receive a certificate of participation

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