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Junior CNY Character Programmes 2021 (K1 to K3) - (B) Virtual Group Class

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Class Detail

(B) Virtual Group Class

Level: K1 to K3

Language: English
Number of Participants: 3 to 6 students each class

Class Date: 8th 10th Feb 2021 / 16th 18th Feb 2021

Duration: 1-hour each day (3 days)

Format: Zoom Class

Price: HKD1,200 per topic

Topics Offering:

8th 10th Feb 2021

                (1) Feelings Series (3): Confident, Worried, Embarrassed, Jealous, Thankful  (10:30 11:30)

                 (2) Virtue Series: Character Camp (14:00 15:00)

16th 18th Feb 2021

  1. Feelings Series (2): Excited, Frustrated, Angry, Brave, loved (10:30 11:30)
  2. Feelings Series (3): Confident, Worried, Embarrassed, Jealous, Thankful (14:0015:00)

Cut-off date: 1 week before class starts

*Spaces are limited. First come first served.

Cut-off date: 1 week before class starts

*Abridged versions adapted for online purposes.

**Material kits to be picked up at JEMS during office hours prior to the start of the programme. Delivery is available with an additional fee of HK$100/topic. 

Benefits/Results: Leaders of tomorrow need a foundation of strong character that equips children to make the right choices and face challenges in life. Excellent leaders are ones who are confident and have a strong sense of identity, have solid relationships with friends and family and have a positive impact on the community

Major reasons why customers continue to enroll: At JEMS, we believe that when classes are fun, children learn better. Our child-focused methodology takes students from THEORY to PRACTICE. Referencing Michele Borba’s 5-Step character teaching approach, JEMS works closely with parents in teaching and guiding students through this process of taking theory into practice.