Kids' Gallery組合藝術營 5天 (3-10歲, 中環) ; Kids' Gallery Combination Camp 5 Days (3-10 years, Central)
Kids' Gallery

Kids' Gallery組合藝術營 5天 (3-10歲, 中環) ; Kids' Gallery Combination Camp 5 Days (3-10 years, Central)

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$2,878 5日

年齡 : 3 - 10歲





請與Kids’ Gallery預約上課時間

電話:2501 4842,電郵地址




與蒙面睡衣俠一起接受邏輯和推理的挑戰,學習他們的舞蹈和歌曲,以及製作健康 的美食,與其他睡衣俠保持最佳體態,為了保衛和平而作戰!


利用幾何形狀創作一幅的半抽像的花卉圖片,學習基本的面試技巧,以大自然作為 演講主題進行討論。


練習面試技巧,如跟從說明、與別人對答和進行演講。增強你的創意,並製作相關 的藝術作品來描繪你最喜歡的活動。






學習如何在軟質的材料上染色織物和繪畫,並以你最喜愛的玩具為主題,創作一個 充滿獨特個性的抽繩袋。了解如何以物件來協助你的演說,並訓練你的聆聽技巧, 和如何遵循指示。


一起回到中世紀,創建一個以機械裝置的彈射器,以乒乓球瞄準射向城堡的目標。 學習如何介紹材料的物理特性,以及清晰地解釋機器的操作步驟。


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$2,878 for 5 days Summer camp

Age : 3 - 10 years

Address:21/F Coda Plaza 51 Garden Road Central, Hong Kong

Date & Time:Summer camps run from June to August, Monday to Friday.

5 days/2 courses/2 hours 10 mins per day

Please see detailed schedule here:

Please book class with Kids’ Gallery

T:2501 4842

Present voucher upon arrival.

For any cancellation/rescheduling, 7 days prior notice is required.

PJ Masks – Hero Time!

Get ready for stimulating logic and reasoning activities as you move to the beat just like the PJ Masks team!

Catapult and Castle 

In true medieval style, create a catapult with a working mechanism that propels a ping pong ball at the castle target. Present the physical properties of materials and explain how to operate the machine.

Nature Talk

 Create a semi-abstract picture of a ­oral still life with geometric shapes. Then discuss nature as a topic for presentation using interview skills techniques.

This Is My School

Practise interview skills including following instructions, holding natural conversations, and descriptive presentation skills. Hone in on creativity, and produce artworks to depict your favourite activities.


Now you see it … now you don’t!

Entertain the audience with some engaging handmade magic tricks through expressive presentation skills.

Marvellous Machines: Loads and Levers

Explore the world of levers, and create an animated picture which includes a folding lever mechanism. Then work on a speech to discuss the different mechanisms and their functionality.

My Favourite Things

Learn how to dye fabric and paint pictures on soft materials to create a personal, unique drawstring bag featuring your favourite toy. Explore show and tell presentations, active listening, and following instructions.


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