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Kids' Gallery組合藝術營 5天 (3-10歲, 九龍) ; Kids' Gallery Combination Camp 5 Days (3-10 years, Kowloon)

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年齡 : 3-10





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電話:2337 1001,電郵地址





一起回到中世紀,創建一個以機械裝置的彈射器,以乒乓球瞄準射向城堡的目標。 學習如何介紹材料的物理特性,以及清晰地解釋機器的操作步驟


學習如何在軟質的材料上染色織物和繪畫,並以你最喜愛的玩具為主題,創作一個 充滿獨特個性的抽繩袋。了解如何以物件來協助你的演說,並訓練你的聆聽技巧, 和如何遵循指示。


魔術師的秘密要公開了!學習一系列的魔術秘訣,同時練習你的演講技巧,你也可 以於家人和朋友面前上演令人讚嘆的魔術表演。

Things that Go 海陸空交通大匯演

探索不同的圖案製作和印刷技術,創作一本以海陸空運輸為主題的書籍。以這本精 美的書本為道具,協助你的演說。 


你的生日會即將要開始,這也是學習社交禮儀的最佳時刻,學習如何守規矩,以及 在社交場合與別人對話。你亦會製作美麗的派對帽,以及一張巨型的生日賀卡,為 這個生日會增添樂趣。


探索槓桿作用的原理,並製作一張包括槓桿原理機制的動畫圖片。 然後自信地演說 相關的機械裝置及功能。


一起拯救瀕臨滅絕的動物!閱讀一系列的非小說類書籍,並了解這些動物的生活環 境,再學習不同的裝飾技巧,製作一個立體的寶箱。


$3,198 for 5 days Summer camp

Age : 3-6

Address:28 Cumberland Road Kowloon Tong, Kowloon

Date & Time:Summer camps run from June to August, Monday to Friday.

5 days/2 courses/2 hours 10 mins per day

Please see detailed schedule here:

Please book class with Kids’ Gallery



T:2337 1001

Present voucher upon arrival.

For any cancellation/rescheduling, 7 days prior notice is required.


Catapult and Castle 

In true medieval style, create a catapult with a working mechanism that propels a ping pong ball at the castle target. Present the physical properties of materials and explain how to operate the machine.

My Favourite Things 

Learn how to dye fabric and paint pictures on soft materials to create a personal, unique drawstring bag featuring students' favourite toy. Show and Tell expressive presentations, and active listening and following instructions are explored.

Magic Fun with So­a and James 

Get crafty and make some cool magic tricks. Practise your presentation skills to perform a magic show to your family and friends in this entertaining camp. 

Things that Go

Explore different patterning making techniques and practice printing skills to create a book showcasing different types of land, sea, air transportations. Use the prints as props for presentation. 

My Super Birthday Party 

It’s time to celebrate and learn party etiquette, including following instructions, and holding natural conversations in social situations. Enjoy making special gifts from party hats to giant birthday cards to add to the fun.

Marvellous Machines: Loads and Levers 

Explore the world of levers, and create an animated picture which includes a folding lever mechanism. Then work on a speech to discuss the different mechanisms and their functionality.

Meet the Endangered Animals with Trolls 

Help save endangered animals! Read non-­fiction books and learn about their living habitats, and create a 3-D treasure chest exploring different decorating techniques.