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Session: 5 class
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Curiosity Kids is an award-winning STEM accredited programme which fosters curiosity and creativity. We teach science concepts to young children (aged 2 to 9 years old) by performing experiments, this hands-on approach makes learning engaging and effective. We also offer Holiday Camps, Birthday Parties and Special Workshops.
Curiosity Kids was voted the Best Afterschool Programme ( Readers Choice) in HK Living Education Awards 2021.

Location & Date
  • Schedule by phone


  • 5 class | 1 per hour | 1500
  • 10 class | 1 per hour | 2700 (10 Off%)

Age: 2-9


Terms and Condition for Curiosity Kids-Classes & Camps

- Fees must be paid before the first class.
- All materials will be provided during the classes.
- For private lessons:
please make sure there is appropriate space for us to run the session.
- For your, your children's and our teachers' safety, we would need a confirmation
from all parents stating the following
- No co living members (including helpers) have been out of HK in the past 30 days.
- No co living members (including helpers) have been identified as a close COVID
contact in the past 30 days.
- There has been no confirmed COVID case in your building in the past 20 days.
- If it is a group lesson, please make sure the arrangement as to where the class
will be run is agreed upon before the classes start.
- We need a minimum of 4 children to run a private lesson. In case any child
cannot attend the private lesson we will ask parents to reschedule it as a group.
- During this COVID time, we request everyone to wear a mask during the class
(teachers and children).
- All fees paid are nonrefundable.
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- Please let us know if the child is unwell at least 24 hours in advance. Since these
are private lessons we cannot offer make up class.
- Fee will be charged on a monthly basis (4 to 5 sessions).
- For some locations we will charge transportation costs. The transportation cost
will be agreed upon before the classes start.
- In case of rain or adverse weather for outdoor classes, we will contact parents
about the running of the class or rescheduling it.
- Any pictures taken during the class can be used for Curiosity Kids marketing and
social media. If you have any objection to this please notify us by
email to:
- Childrens’ safety is very important to us and we make sure to take all necessary
steps for that.
Please note Curiosity Kids will not be responsible for any injury caused to the
child or any adult during the class. Curiosity Kids will not be responsible for any
damage caused to the house/venue where the class is being run.
- Please ensure a caretaker is on the site during the camps, weekly classes and
workshops. Please be on time to drop off and pick up the children. Parents will
be responsible for picking up the children after the classes/camps/workshops.
- Please let us know of any allergies or medical conditions your child may have.

 If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Whatsapp: 61006765 / Email:

About Curiosity Kids

Curiosity Kids offers practical and fun filled science experiment classes to foster the habit of observing and exploring!


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