Mindful Wing Chun - Kung Fu Easter Camp

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Age group: 3 - 5 YRS x 1 class
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Established in 2008, Mindful Wing Chun has been teaching this very special style of Chinese Kung Fu to thousands of students both in Hong Kong and internationally. We are a proud Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin lineage school.

We wholeheartedly believe that physical movement, blended with present moment awareness (Mindfulness) gives every practitioner a solid foundation to build a balanced, resilient, relaxed and open version of themselves.

Truly the best way to build self confidence, self esteem and reslience is from the inside out.

Getting to know yourself, trusting how you feel and being able to stay in control is the key to sustainable self mastery. And the cool thing is, you get to use Kung Fu as the tool to develop these ideas!!

Over the course of the Easter Break period all students will gain a basic level understanding of self defence through partner work techniques, warm up exercises, agility and fitness drills and Kung Fu games!

Develop greater balance, coordination., strength, social and motor skills in this fun and safe environment!
Put down those Easter eggs and get up, active and fit this holiday! Too much screen time makes for a bad posture and an unhealthy body. Come together for a master class in Kung Fu!

Fyi, classes with 1 or less kids will not run. The participant will be contacted and asked to switch class to group students.

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