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Leading Tutors - Ryoma (US Maths Tutor) (>8 years, Online)

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Private Online Lesson: $950 per hour for private lesson

Dates: Saturday and Sunday

Time: 07:00-11:00 or 21:30-23:30

Ages: >8 years

Please book class time in advance with Leading Tutors
T: 9868 0218, E: celia@leading-tutors.com

Please text all enquiries on WhatsApp to +852 9868 0218 and we will come back to you within the same day.

For any cancellation/rescheduling, 7 days prior notice is required.

Provider's website: http://www.leading-tutors.com/

Ryoma is one of our best Math and Physics tutor based in New York. He has tutored many students in HK applying for either boarding schools or universities in the US. Ryoma can also tutor for the Math part of any standardised tests, SSAT/ SAT/ ACT, SAT, both the SAT physics and math subject tests and AP Calculus AB/BC. 
Ryoma has also taught several students who have registered with the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) for Grade 8/ 10/ 12 students running by the Mathematical Association of America.