Mandarin 10 Classes (4 years to Adult, Online)

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Class: Starter Kit
Sale priceHK$800.00


$800 for 10 classes

Duration: 25mins (20 credits) per class
Ages: 4 years to Adult

Credits are available in 5 weeks starting the day of the purchase

All the credits are non- transferable and non-refundable

Please book class time in advance with Linguabox Group

For any rescheduling, 2 hours prior notice is required.


Starter Kit (4-8 years) 

With the Starter Kit, we provide children with some fundamentals. How to greet people, how to introduce themselves, how to talk about colors, animals, fruits, so forth and so on. With a mix of lessons and fun games, this package is an absolute winner!

Level 2 Kit (8-12 years)

For older children, the Level 2 kit represents a valuable alternative. This type of class covers a wider range of fundamentals, including an overview of Pinyin writing, the four Mandarin tones and the basic strokes necessary to create Chinese characters.

The students learn how to answer simple questions related to daily topics through fun games, and they by the same token gain an operational understanding of some of the most common Chinese phrases and sentences.

After finishing this course, the students typically have the skills to pass YCT Level 1. 

Level 3 Kit (12-15 years) 

As children grow and require a more advanced understanding of Mandarin, more complex material are often needed. Hence, our Level 3 Kit becomes a serious alternative.

With this kit, students learn how to read and write simple Chinese characters. They are also taught more Chinese phrases and sentences which will equip them with basic but strong and efficient communication skills.

After finishing this course, the students typically have the skills to pass YCT Level 2.

** For YCT test details, please visit the website: **


If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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About Linguabox Group

At LINGUABOX, we believe that learning is an experience that deserves to be lived and enjoyed. So, we continuously develop the best methods and courses to teach you Mandarin online.

LINGUABOX is a synonym for learning and fun, but it is also a metaphor. Just like a child’s secret box, our LINGUABOX is full of surprises encompassing different online Mandarin courses comprising of endless language games and exercises that will fulfil your curiosity day after day, week after week, and month after month.


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