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Mandarin 4 Classes (>4 years old, Online)

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$360 for 4 classes and 30 minutes per class. *Only one trial package allowed per person.

Classes: Please contact Linguabox Group for trial class schedules

Please book class time in advance with Linguabox Group

T: 9685 8939,

Ages: 4 years old to adult

Method: Classes conducted online with native teachers in China

Valid 30 days after purchase. Only for new patrons of Linguabox Group.

Mandatory at least 2 hours notice for cancellation.

No refund is required and the trial package cannot be used with other promotion.

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We provide online mandarin personalised tutor. Our company is based in Hong Kong and all our teachers are native mandarin speakers from China. All of them are certified teachers and have at least 3 to 10 years teaching experience. We will provide tailor made curriculum according to student’s needs . 

Our students are located in many different places across the world , such as: Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Belgium, Uk, France, Canada.

Our company will allow you to benefit from flexible class scheduling to match your availability from any convenient location. Also, we offer three different duration of class ( 30mins , 45mins, 1 hour). We use online video conference system which is used by a lot of universities for teaching. It offers a wide range of features such as documents sharing, video, audio, collaboration with screen sharing.


Mandarin classes (4 years old to adult)

Starter (4-8 years old) 

Children learn how to make greetings and self-introductions, express colors, animals, fruits, etc. Teachers use Powerpoint and include fun games in the lessons.


Beginner 1 (8-12 years old)

Classes cover basic overview of Pinyin writing, the four Mandarin tones and basic strokes to create Chinese characters. Students learn answers to very simple questions related to daily topics through fun game playing. Children will begin to understand and use some of the most common Chinese phrases and sentences and gain the ability to further their Chinese language studies. After finishing this course, children will have the skills to pass YCT Level 1.

** For YCT test details, please visit the website: **


Beginner 2 (12-15 years old) 

As students advance, more complex material will be presented. Children will learn how to read and write simple Chinese characters. They will also be taught simple Chinese phrases and sentences to help cope with basic level communications. After finishing this course, children will have the skills to pass YCT Level 2.


Mandarin for adults (15+ years old)

Course covers Chinese pronunciation,the Pinyin system, basic conversations like greetings and self-introductions. Students will also learn the basic structures of Chinese characters and understand short simple texts and phrases .