Mastering The Initial Code: The 44 Sounds Of English

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Sessions: Part1
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I wish I had known about Beverly a lot earlier. We only had two months left in Hong Kong when I asked her to work with my eldest who had just completed Year Two. Bey really took the time to hear me out about what his concerns were and did an assessment to pinpoint specific areas he needed help with. Matthew was not blending, spelling or reading fluently. He was in one of the lowest reading levels in his class. I asked Beverly if she could teach him intensively three times a week for 8 weeks. At the end of the 8 weeks, Matthew was on the right reading level for the end of Year 2, when initially he was at Reception level! Matthew is now feeling a lot more confident in his reading and spelling skills and is now reading a lot more books independently. The two months he spent with Beverly have set him up for a smooth school life here in the US! I will always be so grateful to her and her passion for what she does. – Justine vs

  • (Part 1) Master all single-letter sounds
  • (Part 2) Master all digraphs & trigraphs
  • Intensive Blending and Spelling Practice for Mastery

Price: (Part 1) 5 Days (10 hours) $5000 ; (Part 2) 3 Days (6 hours) $3000
Age: 4 years old and up
Date: December 19-23, Monday to Friday; December 28-30, Wednesday to Friday
Time: 10am-12pm (max 6 children)
Location:  Suite 1204, Banyan Workspace, Quarry Bay

About Books and Brains 

Books and Brains Literacy lessons are age-appropriate and designed with your child’s development in mind. I am not a fan of unnecessary worksheets or rote learning. To learn to read, spell and write is to practice it, but practice it in meaningful ways. I invite you to work with me on your child’s literacy development.



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