Max and Mei & Me Chinese Learning Kit

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Learning Chinese at early years can be really easy and fun!

Max and Mei created by Martha Keswick and illustrated by Mariko Jesse offers a beautiful range of interactive educational materials. Children learning Mandarin will love the charming bilingual world of Max and Mei!

Backed by educators and pedagogues the kit is a learning tool comprising integrative learning activities designed to revolutionize, enhance and elevate the Early Years’ experience of Mandarin learning.

The multipurpose learning kit assists younger children and learners with their memory, matching and cognitive skills – associating words with concepts and pictures while also encouraging budding learners understand their key words with the aid of charming illustrations.

Max and Mei & Me, explores different aspects of everyday life with relatable stories and supporting activities on the topic of Clothes and Numbers.

Developed with experts, the kit features:

  • Reusable travel size box
  • 1 press-and-play sound book
  • 1 placemat
  • 1 pouch - contains one dice and four counters
  • 1 activity book
  • 1 user guide
  • 1 set of game cards
  • 1 paper "me puppet"
  • 2 finger puppets

Max and Mei & Me is suitable for first-time Mandarin Chinese learners, ages 2-6 years old.  This early years kit is designed with parents in mind, and aims to take you through the exciting initial stages of learning Chinese.

Product price: HKD 450/kit
Promotion: HKD 399/kit

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