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2 weeks Programme overview:


The New York Institute of Finance was established in 1922 by the New York Stock Exchange.

The New York Institute of Finance provides world-class training for professionals in financial-related industries. It is the world's first vocational education college that provides lecturer guidance and online training courses in banking, finance, and corporate fields.
The New York Institute of Finance now provides cutting-edge professional certification and practical skills-based courses for leading institutions and financial professionals around the world. Through online and on-site teaching, we provide corporate clients with online learning courses, internal training, and public courses, overseas training, and corporate solutions.
The New York School of Finance has more than 1.3 million alumni. They are elite financial professionals, covering major financial institutions and commercial companies in more than 200 countries around the world. Famous alumni of the New York School of Finance include legendary investor, philanthropist, and Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett.
The "G2020 Youth International Financial Elite (YFS)" certificate program of the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) is a high-end training program from Wall Street in New York customized for enterprising students. YFS is a multi-dimensional smart learning project that recruits young students from different countries to participate. The YFS project can not only enrich students' financial and business knowledge but also further enhance students' research capabilities, soft skills and extracurricular activities.
The YFS project is jointly designed by senior Wall Street experts and business leaders. It aims to cultivate strong financial and entrepreneurial acumen for those potential middle school students at an early stage. In general, the YFS project aims to provide students with: 
◥ A high level of early understanding of key financial and business topics
◥ Follow Wall Street financial experts to learn stock investment and plan business plans
◥ Have the ability to communicate with famous school alumni and senior professionals, establish effective contacts, and prepare for future studies and internships
Tuition fee: HK$28,000 
Mode: Zoom online
Duration: 2 weeks Monday - Friday 
Date and Time: :
Section 1 A: June 19 - July 17, 9 - 11am (EST)
Section 1 B: June 19 - July 17, 9 - 11pm (EST)
Section 2 A: July 3 - July 31, 9 - 11am (EST)
Section 2 B: July 3 - July 31, 9 - 11pm (EST)
Section 3 A: July 17 - August 14, 9 - 11am (EST)
Section 3 B: July 17 - August 14, 9 - 11pm (EST)
Section 4 A: July 31 - August 28, 9 - 11am (EST)
Section 4 B: July 31 - August 28, 9 - 11pm (EST)

Please call to check the available date before enrollment. 
Tel: 2718 3388
Address: 6th Floor, Mongkok Harbour Centre, 638 Shanghai Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong