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Olympian Fencing E-Camp (5-17 years, Online)

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Online training maximize benefit long holiday
- Step by step approach to understand the theory, rules and different element of fencing 💡

Winning the Game with right tatics
- Understand the right approach to attack, quickly identify the weakness, maximize the chance to win 💡

Course Topics:

  1. What are the different types of weapons in Fencing?
  2. I love my weapon ! Foil!
  3. Basic rules & "Right of Way"
  4. Basic equipment and the purpose
  5. Referee hand signals
  6. What are the manners of Fencing?
  7. Rules and format of competition level I
  8. Different types of competition
  9. If I want to go to the Olympic......
  10. What is covered in the camp?
  11. How to work with referee in competition?
  12. How to manage emotion in competition?
  13. Losing with grace
  14. Why "respect" is so important?
  15. Do I have the "Fencer Spirit"?
  16. Scoring system

Ages: 5-17 years

Price: $1,100 /16 lessons


Please book class time in advance with HK Fencing Master

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For any cancellation/rescheduling, 7 days prior notice is required.

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