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Age group: 10:30 -11:25 | 4-5 Yrs Old | May 4 - Jul 20 (Every Wed)
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我們的音樂故事課程將由心理學導師Miss Vivian教授。音樂能刺激小朋友的學習動機,Miss Vivian利用故事和音樂誘導,加上足夠的耐性,發掘出小朋友的潛能。以音樂融入課程,幫助小朋友在愉快氣氛下學習。Miss Vivian 畢業於英國 University of York學士(榮譽)心理學,香港理工大學頒發學士(榮譽)心理學,香港理工大學頒發社會工作文化學碩士(家庭本位實務及家庭治療),英國皇家音樂學院八級鋼琴和中央音樂學院五級古箏。 -用無限創意製作樂器藝術 -迷你線上音樂戲劇 -互動寓言故事時間 -安在家中輕鬆舒緩壓力 -適合 SEN 小朋友 -心理學導師 全英語教授

Our Music Story course will be taught by Psychology Tutor Miss Vivian. Music can stimulate children's learning motivation. Miss Vivian uses stories and music to induce, coupled with patience, to explore children's potential. Incorporate music into the curriculum to help children learn in a pleasant atmosphere. Miss Vivian graduated with a BA (Hons) in Psychology from the University of York, UK, a BA (Hons) in Psychology from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a MA in Social Work Culture (Family-Based Practice and Family Therapy) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and the Royal Academy of Music Grade 8 Grade 5 piano and guzheng from the Central Conservatory of Music.

Time: 10:30 -11:25  4-5 years old | 11:30 - 12:25 6-8 years old

Date: May 4 - Jul 20 (Every Wednesday)

Price: $3600/ 12 Lessons

Age: 4-8

Location: Online

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About Imperial Academy

Imperial Academy, founded in 2010, believes that all children are capable individuals with great potential that blossoms at early ages. We provide a wide range of after-school classes and activities aiming to facilitate children's Multiple Intelligence development. We emphasize the role of the learning environment and the different ways that children express themselves which matches with Reggio Emilia Approach. We aim at providing children in Asia an enjoyable and enlightening journey towards English Language acquisition and developing a lifelong appetite for knowledge. Our learning centre has based in a district with both top and well known local and international schools in Hong Kong for over 10 years. We are on a plan to start a Reggio Emilia inspired kindergarten in our community and a few more branches in the city.


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