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Preface Coding Summer 2021 - Scratch Jr

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Scratch Jr 

Age: 3-5

Format: 5-Day Boot Camp

Project Theme: Baby Shark

Duration: 2 hours / day

Levels: Beginner / Intermediate / Pre-Advanced (Start with Beginner if your child has no prior experience with ScratchJr)

Device required: iPad



What is ScratchJr?

Developed by MIT, ScratchJr is a symbol-based block programming course designed for toddlers to grasp fundamental programming concepts with drag-and-drop coding blocks. As a bridging course to Scratch, ScratchJr helps develop toddlers’ math skills and abilities in deductive reasoning through building interactive stories and mini games on iPads and tablets.



Beginner Level

  • Learn basic animation and sequential thinking with stories e.g. Baby Shark meeting friends at school!
  • Build programming mindset developed through a step-by-step methodology

Intermediate Level

  • Enhance fundamental coding logics and creative skills including brainstorming and sequential logic
  • Help Baby Shark answer three impossible riddles to get the diamonds!

Pre-Advanced Level

  • Unlock your child’s unlimited potential by creating their own version of the hit song “Baby Shark!
  • Learn to build flashy transitions and advanced character interactions


Enjoy great flexibility in boot camp location and time!

Schedule doesn’t work for you?  Form your own private bootcamp!


For more information, please contact:
Tel: 2371 4738
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