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PLANETii Club Math ID 12 months (6-12 years, Online)

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Ages: 6-12 years


Your child can learn mathematics easily anytime anywhere through our online mathematics assessment exercise platform, only $45 per month.

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PLANETii® ClubMath ID online mathematics assessment exercise platform with scientific "ii-IntelligenceTM", integrating interactive mathematics exercises, instructional videos, and scoring games to guide elementary school students self-learning, easy to complete all the topics in the outline of the primary school mathematics curriculum, and strengthen the application questions, logical thinking and the ability to apply concepts. Unlike general supplements, the system will find out children's strength and weakness from multiple perspectives. automatically matching targeted questions and solutions from a large and systematic resources. It is also in line with the "Parent Pass" mobile version to share the progress of your child's learning with parents.

There are 91 mathematics units, in conjunction with mathematics courses for Primary One to Primary Six. Completing the entire PLANETii mathematics course is equivalent to completing a local elementary school mathematics course which establishes a solid mathematical foundation.

Terms & Conditions:
The 12-month membership is valid for the 365 days. You must log in for the first time within 30 days after purchase. After logged in, the system will begin to calculate the membership for 12 months. All redeemed memberships are non-refundable.