Pokémon Scratch Jr - 4/5 Day Camp (Ages 4.5 - 7)

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Location: Happy Valley
Date: Week 4: Jul 10 - 14 (9:00am - 10:30am)
Sale priceHK$2,780.00


Engaging in the exciting theme of Pokémon, young coders will effectively learn fundamental coding logics with the Scratch Jr, a MIT-developed coding language for the young minds.

Program Highlights

  • Design your very own Pokémon characters in a short animation

  • Create various types of games such as Pokémon battle game, Pokeball catching game, hide & seek game

  • Create a Ditto transformation animation

  • Play Pokémon-themed group activities with classmates!

Format: 5 days per week, 1hr 30mins  per class

Language: English

(5-Day Week) Regular HK$2,780 

(4-Day Week) Regular HK$2,180 

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