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Preface Coding Summer 2021 - Frontend Programming

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Frontend Programming

Age: 9-11, 12+

Format: 5-Day Boot Camp

Duration: 2 hours / day

Levels: Beginner / Intermediate (Start with Beginner if your child has no prior coding experience)
Device required: Any laptop with Internet connectivity


Every brand in the world is irrelevant without a functional website. Whether it’s for your child’s college application or their fun portfolio website, this is a course for them! Dip their hands into the essentials of all things web — website structure, design, styling, client-server and hosting. By the end, they’ll have their own hosted website designed by themselves!


Beginner Level

  • Get introduced to Lua, an object-oriented programming language that we’ll use to control our game mechanics
  • Learn to code special Roblox features such as Teams, Humanoid, services in the Roblox Studio
  • 3D Platformer: Design Roblox-like games within your kids’ very own Roblox Studios

Intermediate Level

  • Understand how to do multiplayer game testing & the fundamentals of server-side scripting in Roblox, e.g. Replicated Storage, Server Script Storage.
  • Tool Managements with codes: Create and manage Roblox tools and functions, such as weapons and utilities


Enjoy great flexibility in boot camp location and time!

Schedule doesn’t work for you?  Form your own private bootcamp.


For more information, please contact:
Tel: 2371 4738
WhatsApp: 6417 6608