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Preface Coding Summer 2021 - Scratch

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Age: 6-8

Format: 5-Day Boot Camp

Project Theme: Pokemon Go

Duration: 2 hours / day

Levels: Beginner / Intermediate / Pre-Advanced (Start with Beginner if your child has no prior experience with Scratch)

Device required: Any laptop with Internet connectivity


What is Scratch?

Developed by MIT, Scratch is a block-based programming tool for young children to kickstart their coding journey. Through coding games and animations, Preface helps to unleash children's creativity and to sharpen their mathematical sense and logical reasoning. At the same time, we empower young students to master computer science knowledge and critical thinking skills.


Beginner Level

  • Theme based learning with Pokemon GO.
  • Create your own Pokemon game with fundamental programming concepts like Events, If-then Statements and Positioning.

Intermediate Level

  • Enhance the game mechanics with animations, personalized characters & sound effect with codes
  • g. create map and treasure hunt spot for player to travel around or with levels

Pre-Advanced Level

  • Up the game with multiplayers and learn to capture user input to design different gameplay experiences
  • Intro to advanced concepts, e.g. data structure, variables, scroll motion to create the gameplay interface


Enjoy great flexibility in boot camp location and time!

Schedule doesn’t work for you?  Form your own private bootcamp!


For more information, please contact:
Tel: 2371 4738
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