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Preface Coding Summer 2021 - Unity

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Age: 12+

Format: 5-Day Boot Camp

Duration: 2 hours / day

Levels: Beginner / Intermediate (Start with Beginner if your child has no prior coding experience)

Device required: Any laptop with Internet connectivity


What do Hearthstone, Fall Guys, Hollow Knight have in common? These are games with massive following, made with the game engine Unity! Unity is a platform that a lot of professional game designers use to create both 2D, 3D and AR / VR games. In this course, we are going to go through the fundamentals of game design — character design and animation, game loops, game physics, level design and whatnot.


Beginner Level

  • Create 2D designs on the Unity platform
  • Manage game mechanics with the text-based programming language C#
  • Introduction to Physics Engine & the Mecanim animation system


Intermediate Level

  • 3D Terrains: Learn the basics of a 3-dimensional system — scale, coordinate system, rotation to build realistic, mountainous areas
  • Animation Mechanics: how smooth animation is created with codes


Enjoy great flexibility in boot camp location and time!

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