1:1 Public Speaking Coaching with a Toastmasters Champion

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Time: All Weekdays except public holidays (March - May) (per hour)
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Prepare your child to shine on stage with the help of a Toastmasters Champion. Regional HK Macau Southern China Champion Miss Joy Pamnani coaches students for public speaking competitions / speech festival / personal development.


Step #1: Brainstorming Ideas

Our trainer guides students through the brainstorming of ideas through topic / motion / poem analysis - sharing tips to stand out from competitors. It is the students' ideas that we organize and develop into a speech.


Step #2: Speech Writing and Editing

Our students write speeches and our trainer helps with editing - from correction of simple grammatical mistakes to re-organizing content to present a message more effectively. This is where students pick up on additional skills including storytelling, persuasion, argumentation, rhetoric, and communication.


Step #3: Delivery Skills

After we're done with content (what you say), we train students with delivery skills (how you say it). This includes Confidence Coaching, using the Power of your Voice, Tone, Body Language, Eye Contact and using the Stage effectively. Some contests require video submissions. We also train students to present effectively in front of cameras.


Step #4: Recording (if needed)

Professionally record your child's video for contest submission.


Most students require 3-4 coaching sessions for contest preparations. May vary depending on English ability and child's progress.


All Weekdays except public holidays in March, April and May.

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