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Aloha & Hula

(by Ms. Ramona Kan)

19 Jul - 30 Jul

(Mon to Fri 10-day workshop)

Age 2.5-3.5 (10:00-10:40)

Age 4-6 (11:00-12:00)

31 Jul

(Closing ceremony & Showcase)


$4,380 (10-day workshop + showcase) +

$500 (costume and ukulele material fee)

Music is a worldwide common language.

We will bring our children to Hawaii and experience an excited Aloha & Hula Hawaiian Summer! 

About this Program

We incorporate movements, singing, dancing and instruments playing.

Enjoying music fun and enforcing learning of rhythm through singing and playing Hawaiian music.

The program also includes ukulele DIY session. Students will perform using the DIY ukulele on 31 Jul closing ceremony.

Parents are welcome to join our closing ceremony.

(venue and time of closing ceremony to be announced)

A certificate will be presented to each student with 80% attendance.


please call / WhatsApp us at 5113 1020

Website: http://rainbowmelodymusic.com/